Massage Therapy

Omni Swedish Massage 

Classic massage that promotes relaxation by releasing muscle tension with long, gliding stroke, kneading, circular movements and passive joint movements. It can also increase oxygen in the blood and improve circulation and flexibility.

60 Minutes: $75 
90 Minutes: $105

Omni Deep Tissue Massage

Slow, firm pressure used to release tension that is causing minor pain. Trigger Point Therapy is incorporated in a deep tissue massage to release “knots”. Sustained pressure is applied for several seconds to the palpable nodules of muscle fiber. Once the therapist releases the pressure, the muscle’s nerve impulse is reestablished and pain caused by the tight muscles can dramatically improve or disappear. 

60 Minutes: $90
90 Minutes: $120

Omni Hot Stone Massage

Incorporates the use of smooth basalt stones (volcanic rock( which are warmed to approximately 120-130 degrees fahrenheit. Long, slow stroked strokes with the hot stones increases relaxation and blood flow to the skin and soft tissues throughout the body. Hot stone massage is deeply relaxing, taking a traditional massage to the next level of relaxation. This massage is great for relieving muscle tensions, reducing stress, anxiety and depression. A Physician’s approval may be necessary.

60 Minutes: $90
90 Minutes: $105

Omni Sticks and Stones Massage 

A unique combination of a hot stone massage & Mu – Xing Therapy. Heated basalt stones along with heated bamboo & rosewood tools of different types are used to address ischemic tissue and to induce a deep state of relaxation as muscles are massaged, warmed and rolled and compressed with the stones and various smooth wood pieces. 

60 Minutes: $100

Omni Fire & Ice Massage 

An exhilarating contrast experience and therapy with its roots in naturopathic medicine. This technique was used to treat various ailments and to maintain health and vigor. Hot and cold basalt stones, hot and cold compresses, cold facial globes and warm facial stones and your choice of cooling or warming essential oils to enhance the end of the treatment. Benefits may include improved circulation, decreased swelling, reduced inflammation, elevated mood, energy and alertness.

60 Minutes: $100

Massage Therapy Add-Ons

Cupping Therapy 

A soothing “add on”therapy where the skin and superficial muscle layers are gently drawn up into the “suction” cup, like an inverse massage; breaking up stagnation, relieving pain, soothing nerves and improving circulation to the skin and superficial muscles. Various cups are used which include magnetized cups as well as cups with ionic chips for enhanced results. 

Add on: $25

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